Topspec Linseed Mash 20kg

TopSpec Linseed Mash 20Kg

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TopSpec Linseed Mash 20Kg

TopSpec Linseed mash is a Fast soaking Hydrating Linseed & Oatmeal Rich Mash.

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TopSpec Linseed Mash is made from a mix of Linseed and Oatmeal, alongside a unique blend of ingredients which are proven to be high in levels of oil & Protein, TopSpec Linseed Mash will improve your horses’ weight, coat, Topline and General Condition. Oatbran has also been found to be sympathetic to the horse’s digestive system.

TopSpec Linseed Mash has been designed to feed along side a Balancer or Supplement as it has no added vitamins or trace elements included.

Soaks in just 5mins!



 Nutritional Information.

Digestible energy- 13mj/kg

Protein 15.5%             Oil 9%

Fibre 16%                   Starch 12%

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