Speedy Mash 20Kg Spillers

Spillers Speedy Mash 20Kg

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Spillers Speedy Mash 20Kg

Spillers Speedy Mash is a High Fibre, Low starch mash that soaks in Just 60 Seconds!

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Spillers Speedy Mash is Free from cereal & Molasses. It is also Low in starch and sugar making it a suitable feed for Horses & Ponies prone to Laminitis.

Spillers Speedy Mash is ideal for older horses that have problems chewing longer fibres because of poor teeth.

The mash provides good quality protein to help maintain Muscle tone & Topline.

Prebiotic FOS & Probiotic live Yeast help with Digestive health.

Copper and Zinc have also been added into the mash to help maximise the absorption of vitamins and minerals.


       Nutritional Information.

     Digestible energy- 8mj/kg

Protein 10%                    Oil 3.5%

Fibre 24%                       Starch 7.5%

Sugar 2.5%                     Vit A 10,000 iu/kg

Vit D3 1,500 iu/kg           Vit E 200 iu/kg

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