Mixed Poultry Corn Heygates 20Kg Ideal Scratch Feed For Adult Poultry

Heygates Mixed Poultry Corn 20Kg

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Heygates Mixed Poultry Corn 20Kg

Mixed Poultry Corn.

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Mixed corn poultry feedstuff. 50% Wheat 50% Cut Maize

Ideally fed as an additional treat for birds to peck at in the afternoon. Mixed corn should not be fed as a replacement of a balanced pellet. It should be fed as part of a balanced diet.

You should look at one handful of mixed corn per day per bird as a maximum. With this is mind one 20kg bag should last around 40 days for a flock of 10 chickens and much longer for smaller flocks.

The Corn is very fattening but this can also be very useful especially during winter months when the birds need more energy to keep warm.

A quality mixed feed/treat that is a natural source of fibre. It is ideal for chicken, ducks and geese. It can be fed all year round and is a great feed to scatter so that the birds scratch around and keep active. 

The corn can also be socked to make it easier to eat for ex battery hens.

Also a good source of carbohydrates.

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