Topspec Joint Balancer

TopSpec Joint Balancer 15Kg

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Equi Balancer Pellets Heygates

Equi Balancer Pellets Heygates

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Gain Opticare Balancer 25Kg

TopSpec Joint Balancer 15Kg

Helps Support Healthy Joints, Cartilage, Muscle Function & Repair. Suitaible For Horses and Ponies in all levels of work.

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TopSpec Joint Balancer includes a high spectrum of Vitamins & Minerals suitable for Horses & Ponies in all Levels of Work.

The Joint Balancer incudes a wide range of ingredients to help maintain and support your Horse / Pony helping to the very best it can.

TopSpec Joint balancer includes the scientifically recommended amount of Glucosamine & is rich in the building blocks for Hyaluronic Acid (HA) & Chondroitin.

High levels of Vitamin c & Manganese are also included which are important for Cartilage synthesis.

Methionine & Other Bio-Available sources of sulphur are included to help maintain the  optimum function of  tendons, Ligaments & Muscles.

A blend of anti-Oxidants, Vitamin A,C &E help to maintain the cell function around the joint.

TopSpec Joint balancer helps to support the muscle function & Repair promoting condition & Topline of your Horse / Pony.

Biotin has also been added into the Joint Balancer promoting a shiny coat, Supple skin & working as a highly effective Hoof Supplement.

Pre & Probiotics have also been added at optimum levels to support a Healthy Digestive system particularly supporting Horses / Ponies in Hard Work, Travelling, Competing or Prone to stress.


       Digestible Energy 12.5mj

Oil 5.5%                               Fibre 8.5%

Protein 25.0%                      Starch 8.5%

Calcium 2.4%                       Magnesium 0.6% 

Vitamin E 2500  IU/KG         Biotin 30 Mg / Kg


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