Haylage Complete

Haylage Complete 20kg

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Haylage Complete 20kg

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A great all-round product made from our second cut ryegrass. Haylage Complete is well balanced with fibre and protein, making it ideal for horses in medium work.

Nutritional Summary

  • Protein – Medium
  • Energy – Medium
  • Fibre – High

This Second cut Ryegrass is cut at the peak growth stage (mid-season) to capture the key nutrients in the product. With a similar stem to leaf ratio, to give a balance of energy, protein and fibre.

Typical Nutrient Analysis*:

Digestible Energy: 8-10MJ/kg

Dry matter: 65%-70%

Protein: 7-9%

Fibre: 28-30%

*The figures represent average samples; batch samples must be completed for accurate analysis.

Appearance and Aroma                                                                                         

Haylage Complete appearance is a light gold colour with a sweet aroma to it.

Feeding Recommendations:

Ensure that the daily forage ration represents a minimum of 1.5% bodyweight dry matter. For recommendations based on bodyweight, see product packaging.

Make any changes in forage type gradually, over a period of at least 14 days.

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