Red Medium Gorilla Flexible Tub Collecting Autumn Debris

Gorilla Flexi Tub 26L

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Gorilla Flexible Tub Small 14L

Gorilla Flexi Tub 14L

Large Gorilla Tub 38L Ideal For Equine Storage

Gorilla Flexi Tub 38L

Gorilla Flexi Tub 26L

Medium Sized Tub Ideal For Any Use

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The Flexible Medium Gorilla Tub is the next step up in our range tof Trugtubs. Ideal for using anywhere around the stable, yard, home, garden or outdoors.


  • Food Grade
  • Non-Toxic
  • Child Safe
  • Animal Safe
  • Frost/UV Resistant
  • Flexible yet Very, Very Strong
  • 100% Phalate Free
  • Weight: 0.7Kg
  • 26L
  • H: 30cm Dia: 39cm
  • Available Colours: Purple, Blue, Red, Orange, Green
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