Honeychop Garlic Chaff 12.5kg

Honeychop Garlic Chaff 12.5kg

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SX250 Earth Stake

SX250 Earth Stake

Honeychop Garlic Chaff 12.5kg

Honeychop Garlic is an oat straw chaff with added Garlic, Ideal for summer months. 

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Honeychop Garlic is an ideal chaff for the summer months due to its added Garlic.

Garlic is proven to help keep the Fly’s away & due to the strong aroma of the chaff it also makes it ideal for masking Medications & Supplements that may otherwise put them off their feed.

Added benefits of the garlic include natural healing property’s that Garlic has been known to have, these include having been known to reduce inflammation & Pain, in addition to this Blood circulation is known to improve due to Garlics Blood cleansing properties.

Limestone has also been added into the chaff which helps with Strong bones, Teeth and Hooves, and Healthy Growth.

Honeychop Garlic also contains the recommended daily rate of salt for an average horse in light – medium work.


Nutritional Information.

    Digestible energy- 8mj/kg

Protein 5%                   Fibre 23%                      

Starch 1.4%                 Sugar 11.5%                       

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