Frontline Plus Spot On Cats (3pk)

Frontline Plus Spot On Cats (3pk)

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Frontline Plus Spot On Cats (3pk)

Flea, Tick & Lice Treatment For Cats

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Frontline Plus Spot on for Cats contains 3x 0.5ml pipettes of liquid Flea and Tick treatment. 1 pipette of 0.5ml treats up to 6kg of bodyweight. This product is suitable for cats up to 10kg of bodywight.

  • Kills Adult Fleas

  • Kills Adult Ticks

  • Kills Adult Lice

  • Inhibits the development of eggs and larvae

  • Protects your cat and home

Frontline Plus contains a double action flea formula, stopping flea eggs hatching in the home, providing enhanced household protection.

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