Baileys Fibre Nuggets 20Kg

Baileys Fibre Nuggets 20Kg

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Baileys Fibre Nuggets 20Kg

Baileys Fibre nuggets are ideal for stabled horses, Treat-balls and those that struggle to eat long fibre.

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Bailey's Fibre Nuggets are chunky high fibre cubes which have been designed to be used as a partial forage replacer.

They can be a useful alternative to Hay / Haylage for Horses & Ponies that struggle to chew longer fibre. They can be softened with water to help dentally challenged horses to chew them. If fed to replace a significant amount of horses Hay it is recommended that they are to be fed little and often in order to encourage chewing and a steady intake of fibre helping with digestive health.

They can also be used to temp fussy eaters due to their palatability.

Ideal for horses stabled for long periods of time and can be added to treat balls / Boredom busters easily for enrichment.

Baileys fibre nuggets are low energy, low starch meaning that they won’t make your horse ‘Fizz’. No vitamins or Minerals are added into the nuggets, and the protein levels are matched to grass hay.


Nutritional Information.

   Digestible energy- 8.5 mj/kg

Protein 8.5%                Oil  2.75%

Fibre 22.5%                  Ash 6%

Starch 10%                   Sugar 8 %

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