Snug & Cosy Deluxe Hare Lounger Bed.

Deluxe Hare Lounger Bed

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Sung & Cosy Deluxe Pheasant Lounger Bed.

Deluxe Pheasant Lounger Bed

Deluxe Hare Lounger Bed

Sung & Cosy Deluxe Hare Lounger Bed.

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Sung & Cosy Deluxe Hare Lounger Bed.
This Beautiful Lounger Bed design from Snug & Cosy, is made from Quality Materials & Fabrics creating a Soft & Comfortable place for your pet to sleep in comfort.
This bed doesn't just have a Beautiful Hare design one side but also features a soft and warm Fleece on the other side too, this bed really does have it all in both quality & Comfort for your pet.
This bed is perfect for warm summers days or Cold winters nights, providing the Option to Flip over and use with the Fleece side up making it a soft & comfortable bed for your pet all year round.

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