Cool Balancer 15Kg TopSpec

TopSpec Cool Balancer 15Kg

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TopSpec Cool Balancer 15Kg

'Non Heating' Balancer for Horses & Ponies in Light / Medium Work Needing Extra Condition & Topline. 

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TopSpec Cool Balancer is a ‘Non Heating’ Very palatable Feed which is very effective way to improve Topline & Condition without adding any unnecessary excess calories to their diet.

The Cool Balancer is a cereal-grain free formula with low sugar & starch whilst still offering good quality protein.

TopSpec Cool Balancer contains Very Low levels of sugar, starch & levels of B Vitamins some of which prove to be helpful in their relaxing effects in stressed horses.

The Cool Balancers added Magnesium helps some horses concentrate better, especially when stressed.  


       Digestable Energy 12mj

Oil 4.2%                        Fibre 11%

Protien 22%                  Starch 7.5%

Calcium 2.4%               Magnesium 0.6%

Vitamin E 500 IU/kg     Biotin 4.0 mg/kg

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