Baileys Taste Treats 5kg

Baileys Tasty Treats 5kg

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Red Tubtrug Dripfeed

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Baileys Tasty Treats 5kg

Baileys Taste Treats 5kg 

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Baileys Tasty Treats are the deliciously healthy snack that without fail your horses or ponies will simply adore. These crunchy pieces utilise natural fibres  mixed with essential oils to create a fragrant snack that horses enjoy the smell of. Tasty Treats are low in calories & offer next to no vitamin & mineral supplementation they will not affect the balance of the horse or ponies’ diet.

  • High fibre snack
  • Flavoured with essential oils for fragrance
  • Does not affect balance of other feeds.

Analytical Constituents

Protein 7.0%, Oil 2.5%, Fibre 22.0% & Ash 6.0%


Oatfeed (by product of the oat milling industry), Alfalfa Meal, Molasses, Micronised Unmolassed Sugarbeet, Flavours of Essential Oils


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