100% Wild Flower Seed 100g

100% Wild Flower Seed 100g

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100% Wild Flower Seed 100g

100% Native Wild Flowers

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Brighten up an usued corner of your garden with this Native Wild Flower mix. It contains 100% annual wild flowers which are all native to the U.K. It is a balanced mixture of attractive, brightly coloured and vigorous annuals which used to be commonly seen in cornfields, but were regarded as weeds.


  • This colourful combination of wild flowers is visually appealing and attractive to wildlife
  • Annual, should self seed
  • This pack will treat between 50-100 square meters depending on how thick you require it. 
  • Plant height is up to 50cm


Common poppy, corn chamomile, corn marigold, corn cockle, cornflower and scentless mayweed.


  • The depth of sowing needs to be very shallow – the seed only requires a light covering of soil. 
  • After broadcasting, lightly harrow seed in and roll to conserve moisture
  • Sow in either early spring or early autumn, and do not cut. 
  • When flowering has finished at the end of summer, ensure that all seed is shaken from the mature plants as you pull them up. 
  • Most species will germinate and establish within a few weeks, although some may not appear until the following summer. 
  • Some thinning out or mowing may be necessary.
  • Shake bagwell before use.
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